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"They like Tutor Cher Quan very much. She is such a patient and positive tutor. Thank you for the good recommendation. That is the reason why I release the payment to TutorNow upon the first lesson as they are very happy with Tutor Cher!"

Referral Parent from Tutor Ling of Sec 1 English

"Tutor Jay Zhang is great! My son Max loves Tutor Jay’s lesson as he teach him from the basics. My son thinks that Tutor Jay is always so patient with him although he has learning difficulty and short attention span."

Parent Lily of P4 Math and Chinese

"My boy finds Tutor Jeremy Ong teaching methods helpful. He is happy that he could understand and able to attempt the comprehension passage questions with Tutor Jeremy’s teaching method. Tutor Jeremy is also a friendly and engaging tutor."

Parent Mr Sha of Sec 2 English

"Feedback from my son: Tutor Billy Tan is very easy to talk to, very chill and can help me in my work for sure. Tutor Billy also knows how to interact with me and make me feel comfortable during the tuition lesson. I like this tutor!"

Parent Mrs Wong of JC 2 GP

"At first lesson, Tutor Mdm Zou came prepared with materials as my child did not have anything on hand. Tutor Mdm Zou is clearly an experienced teacher; positive and open in her communication. She is able to comprehend quickly what are the goals set for my child and the issues faced."

Parent Brenda of Sec 1 Chinese

"Tutor Yang Shang is very good with her teaching. She uses innovative methods to engage my child interest and teaches him effective learning methods so that my child does not get restless in Chinese. "

Parent Ning of P5 Chinese

"My son finds the session’s with Tutor Jon Ng good. He has covered many areas so he likes it. Thank you Tutor Now!"

Parent Fiona of Sec 2 IP Higher Chinese

"We had a chat with Tutor Claire Lim after the lesson and she is able to pinpoint the learning areas that my daughter has difficulty in. She is good. In fact, we are glad to know that she is also a Junior College mate of my third son by coincidence. What a small world!"

Parent Jenny of Sec 1 English and Math and Science

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