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Tutors are required to assist all level of students in all subject areas throughout Singapore.

Below are answers to some common questions that you may have about TutorNow.


No. There is no contract binding you to the tutor. You are allowed to terminate the tuition lessons should you find the tutor ineffective and feedback is welcome. WhatsApp us for a tutor replacement should there be a change in schedule or tuition rate. We do encourage you to give the tutor a 1-month probation period to develop a favourable learning environment for the student.

Yes, you may change the tutor. Contact us and we will arrange and introduce a replacement tutor. Please note that for tuition lessons cancelled within the first month, the client is obliged to pay the tuition fees for the lessons that have been conducted until the point of termination.

Clients can give feedback by:


You can send us your request by:

  • Filling in our online ‘Tutor Request Form’. Please indicate your specific requirements to help us to match you accurately with our registered tutors
  • Call us: 6200 7819 (Mon – Fri at 10am -7pm & Sat at 10am – 5pm)
  • Whatsapp or SMS us: 8353 7923.

Based on your requirements and preferences, our coordinators will assist to recommend a suitable tutor.

You may request a specific tutor. Using our Browse Tutor portal, you can have a look at our tutors and submit the request. Any request for a specific tutor is subject to the tutor’s availability and the rates indicated on the tutor’s profile is subject to change.

As soon as we receive your request, an auto email will be sent to your email address. Our coordinators will reach out to you via a phone call within 24hrs to confirm your requirements before proceeding to match you to the most suitable tutor.

TutorNow registered tutors are shortlisted based on their educational and professional qualifications. With a wide range of highly qualified tutors, we are confident we can find a suitable match based on the students’ educational needs as well as our clients’ requirements and preferences.

Our standard procedure in the selection of tutors are as follows:

  • Receive completed online registration form
  • Validate potential tutors educational and professional qualifications
  • Conduct a background check into their past tutoring assignments
  • Validating physical credentials on the tutors first day of their tuition assignment

Note: Parents are allowed to verify the tutor’s qualification should they require further clarifications.

There are 3 tutor categories:

Part-Time Tutors – private tutors who work part-time. The tutor is only tutoring part-time and has a main job or school e.g. A-level graduates, diploma students/graduates or university undergraduates. These tutors are often the most affordable option, but may have fewer available time slots and may not be able to commit for extended periods of time. May also include university graduates and working professionals offering tuition part-time.

Full-Time Tutors – private tutors who tutor full-time (NOT part-time). This implies that tutoring is their main source of income and is their main occupation. The rates and qualifications of each full-time tutor may differ. Full-time tutors are often university or polytechnic graduates with considerably more teaching experience than part-time tutors that include tutoring numerous students 1-to-1 as well as take up tutoring engagements in tuition centres teaching groups of students in classes.

MOE-Trained/Current School Teachers – refers to full-time ex/current school teachers either from MOE or from private and international schools. These tutors may have higher rates and will be familiar with the latest syllabus and pedagogy.

It depends on the type of tutor you select. Tuition rates take into account the following considerations; qualifications, part time or full-time commitment, certified with MOE and experience. Please refer to our RATE for more details.

TutorNow does not set the tuition rate. Each tutor dictates their own rate based on market practises. However, our experienced coordinators will also conduct negotiations to ensure the rates are fair and justifiable.


Our services are free-of-charge for parents and students. There will be an agency fee imposed on the tutors. This agency fee is based on a percentage of the total tuition fees incurred in the first four weeks of active lessons. It is deducted directly from the tutor’s tuition fees thus clients do not pay anything extra.

Upon completion of 2 full weeks of active lessons, you are required to make a payment transfer for the agency fee directly to TutorNow. Thereafter, you will pay the remaining lessons to the tutor directly.

No, making advanced payments are not necessary. Payment will only be collected after the lesson is conducted.

We will send you the invoice by e-mail via the contact email address you provided in the online Tutor Request Form after the completion of the first lesson.

Please Note: There is no official receipt generated from the system. However, there will be an email notification & WhatsApp message to inform the parent that the payment has been successful.

We support the following modes of payment;

  • PayNow to 202013760N(UEN option) or scan QR code:


  • ATM/FAST/Internet Banking transfer to DBS Current Account 072-023521-5
Alternatively, we can arrange for home collection with an additional fee of $30 to cover incidentals and transportation charges.

Please Note: There is no official receipt generated from the system. However, there will be an email notification & WhatsApp message to inform the parent that the payment has been successful.

We require clients to notify us immediately after making payment so that we can verify and confirm your payment. Please WhatsApp all screenshots / receipts to us at 8353 7923. We hold no responsibility for any unknown funds deposited into our account without updating us the receipt / screenshot proof.

You need to contact your bank immediately for assistance. TutorNow is not liable for any loss or inconvenience arising from this issue as the bank information provided is accurate.

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