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Tutors are required to assist all level of students in all subject areas throughout Singapore.

Below are answers to some common questions that you may have about TutorNow.


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No, registration as a tutor is free.

Registered Tutors must meet the following criteria;

  • at least 17 years old and above
  • certified with the following qualification: ‘O’ Level, ‘A’ level, Diploma or higher
  • Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident

Foreigners must check with the relevant authorities with regards to whether you are allowed to do freelance work. We are unable to advise on this matter. Please with relevant authorities such as Ministry of Manpower (MOM). If you have been granted permission to do freelance work in Singapore by the relevant authorities, we welcome you to apply to become a tutor with us at .

No. Your registration is not considered an employment contract and therefore you are not an employee of TutorNow. Tutors are self-employed. Thus, you are responsible to pay your taxes on tuition income earned. TutorNow is not accountable for any issues that may arise and/or are related to their tutor assignments.

We have grouped our tutors into three main categories:

There are 3 tutor categories:

Part-Time Tutors – private tutors who work part-time. The tutor is only tutoring part-time and has a main job or school e.g. A-level graduates, diploma students/graduates or university undergraduates. These tutors are often the most affordable option, but may have fever available time slots and may not be able to commit for extended periods of time. May also include university graduates and working professionals offering tuition part-time.

Full-Time Tutors – private tutors who tutor full-time (NOT part-time). This implies that tutoring is their main source of income and is their main occupation. The rates and qualifications of each full-time tutor may differ. Full-time tutors are often university or polytechnic graduates with considerably more teaching experience than part-time tutors that include tutoring numerous students 1-to-1 as well as take up tutoring engagements in tuition centres teaching groups of students in classes.

MOE-Trained/Current School Teachers – refers to full-time ex/current school teachers either from MOE or from private and international schools. These tutors may have higher rates and will be familiar with the latest syllabus and pedagogy.

Note: If you are/ were a relief teacher, adjunct teacher, or allied educator teacher, please do NOT select this category. You may select Part-Time Tutor or Full-Time Tutor instead, depending on your current tutoring commitment.

Full time tutors:

  • Have a higher chance of being offered tuition assignments
  • More parents/students prefer full time tutors due to the level of commitment they desire for their child

All information provided is highly confidential and will not be disclosed to any third parties unless otherwise required by law or permitted by you, the person who owns the information. TutorNow strictly adheres to the “Personal Data Protection Act” and we are stringent in the implementation of our company’s confidentiality policies.

Yes, please upload your certificates and a colour passport-size photo not exceeding 10 MB. This is a requirement to corroborate the information presented on your tutor profile and to help increase your chances of getting tuition assignments confirmed with us.

As tutors are not our employees, you are allowed to refuse any tuition assignments offered to you and you may close your account with TutorNow. Send us a formal request and we will withdraw your information from our database. Should you decided to join us again in future, you are required to re-apply and register again.

Tuition Assignments

Upon successful registration, get updates on the latest assignments by:

  • subscribing to our mailing list to receive the latest information for the subjects you are interested to teach.
  • viewing the assignments posted on our website
  • joining our telegram chatgroup to receive constant updates and notifications of the latest assignments

If you match the assignment criteria, you will be shortlisted by our coordinator who will then reach out to you via a phone call or through WhatsApp. If you would like to take up the assignment, you must either click ACCEPT in the email and secure the assignment.

Your online registration is directly linked to our parents/students who will shortlist tutors. Waiting time will vary based on their tuition requirements and preferences, and your qualifications. You are encouraged to frequently update your information to increase the probability of being shortlisted.

We vouch for your professionalism in the TutorNow’s Code of Conduct. We highly encourage a long-term tutorial service. Upon confirmation of the assignment, if you decide to withdraw without an acceptable reason, you will be bound to:

  • Compensate the agency with the 1st month’s commission, equivalent to 50% of your monthly tuition fees
  • Pay for cost of damages due to inconvenience caused to both parents/students and TutorNow

After accepting the offer, you are encouraged to commit to at least 4 full weeks of lessons to avoid the following consequences:

  • Compensate the agency with the 1st month’s commission, equivalent to 50% of your monthly tuition fees
  • Pay for cost of damages due to inconvenience caused to both parents/students and TutorNow

Termination by the parent/student is a special case, whereby they are still required to pay the tutor’s services rendered even it is less than 1 month. Thus, TutorNow will calculate referral fee based on 50% of the total tuition fees for the completed sessions at the point of termination.

To Illustrate we will suppose the tuition assignment is confirmed at $30 per hour and each lesson is 2 hours and twice a week:

  • Total Tuition Fee for 1 month: $30/hr x 16 hours (8 lessons in 4 weeks/2 hours x 8 lessons) = $480
  • Our agency’s commission is 50% of your first month’s tuition fee: $480 x 50% = $240 –commission payable to TutorNow
  • This arrangement is only for your first month’s assignment. 100% of the tuition fees for the subsequent months will be paid to you directly by the parent/student

No, TutorNow does not cover expenses incurred during your tuition assignment. Tutors are advised to set an agreement with the parents regarding the costs of tuition books and other materials used. It is up to the discretion of the parents whether to reimburse the expenses or not.

The following guidelines may help for the success of your first tutoring lesson:

a) Take note of the parent/student’s full address and contact number.

b) Plan early and find out different ways to go to their place to avoid getting lost.

c) Contact the parent or guardian in advance to remind them of the lesson and re-confirm the tutoring subject(s) and time.

d) Bring the original copy of the relevant certificates and your NRIC. Show them to the parent or guardian without request.

e) Dress appropriately, be professional and be punctual.

f) Introduce yourself, then get to know your student.

g) Assess and determine your student’s weaknesses for you to better plan how to tackle these areas to help your student improve.

Increase your chances of getting a tuition assignment by adhering to the following steps:

Please note: abrupt dropping of tuition assignments decreases TutorNow’s confidence on your commitment and TutorNow highly values client feedback on their tutors.

  • set a competitive rate
  • present an impressive and accurate tutor profile
  • show your commitment to the tuition assignments
  • develop and maintain a good professional relationship with the clients
  • if you have any doubts, do not confirm the tuition assignment

To increase your chances of getting tuition assignments we recommend:

  • updating your profile into a more comprehensive one
  • providing a photo can help parent/student to have a better perception of who they are engaging
  • reducing your expected tuition rate to be more competitive
  • manually applying for tuition assignments online

Our feedback system is to gather information from parents and students on the tutor’s performance, both positive or negative. The objectives of the feedback system are as follows:

  • to keep accurate records of our tutors’ actual performance in their tuition sessions
  • to help us evaluate our tutors before recommending them for future assignments
  • to develop better rapport with both parents/students on a long-term basis
  • to assist tutors to better understand the requirements of parent/students and help them manage expectations
  • to avoid tutors’ abrupt dropping or termination of assignments in the midst of the assignment
  • to help tutors to be more committed and motivated with positive feedback from clients

We will conduct a feedback session with parents/guardians via a phone call or over WhatsApp every month until the student sits for his final exam. All feedback gathered are retained in the tutor’s record and profile, which can only be viewed and edited by our coordinators. In the event of negative feedback, tutors will be given a chance to explain their actions.

No, you are not allowed to view previously recorded feedback. All feedback is considered property of TutorNow. TutorNow owns the right to maintain its confidentiality in order to avoid any conflict and/or misunderstanding between parents/students and tutors.

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